Being a mum of three I know how hard it is to go to any beauty service and appointment taking a baby.

I continuously heard mums saying, how long will it take, can I bring my baby, I don't want to be a pain, and I could definitely relate. It’s so stressful, especially for first time mums.

When we took the extra space next door to our initial studio, that’s when MumsClub was born.  I had the opportunity to create wider booths to accomodate prams and all the things mamas need. Space was not an issue and privacy was/is maximum.

The idea was we could run INCO Mums Club/ #INCOmumsclub where mamas could come in together and all be in the same situation/be relatable to each other and most importantly feel safe and comfortable.



We can accomodate 4 mums at a time and this can be friend groups, complete strangers or a mama & her babe.

Mums supporting mums is so important and its the least we can do to help mamas in our community enjoy their hair appointments with their babes alongside them. If mamas are feeling really comfortable we can add on a mani &/or brows/lashes to their service too. 

Our team are on standby for any cuddles if needed and have a beautiful floor mat for the babes to chill and hang out on. 

We want this to be a place for mums and babes to feel safe, comfortable and well looked after. Crying does not phase us. We are just excited to help our community of mums where we can.